New Feature: Embed a post on your own site

A few weeks ago I was having coffee with Joi Ito and he mentioned that he’d love to feature his Metblogs posts on his own blog, or point out ones he really liked but just a list of headline links wasn’t really doing it for him and we talked about a way that he could feature them more prominently. He pointed out how easily people can post videos from many video sharing sites on their own blogs and wondered if there might be a way to do something like that for blog posts from Metblogs. I took that request back, and Jason spent some time cranking on it and I’m really psyched to announce that we have a working version of this live on all cities right now!

If you look on the individual post page for any entry on any city Metblogs site, just above the comments you’ll see a simple line of code you can copy and paste into an entry on your own website or blog.

New Metblogs Feature: Embed a post in your own blog

You can see this in action on this test on my own personal blog. Pretty cool eh?

This is super Beta at the moment, and we don’t know how it’ll work under stress or if we overlooked any bits, but as far as we can tell it’s working and we’d like to invite anyone who wants to to go ahead and try it out. If you find any problems with it, please let us know and we’ll try to fix them right away. This is really exciting for us as we think this is the first time a feature like this has been offered online, and should be a fun way for people to bring conversations from Metblogs that they find interesting back to their own sites, while still keeping a single cohesive comment thread on the main post. Enjoy!

* Posted by jozjozjoz on January 19th, 2009
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