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Unless you’re a total knob and Bode Media Inc feels you need to do some hard time in pound me in the ass prison, Bode Media Inc will not cooperate or provide any information to anyone, due in part to the fact that Bode Media Inc does not retain any information about it’s users. Due also in part to Bode Media Inc thinking that “the law” going after someone for posting something on the internet is a hunk of crap. site administrators are also highly trained ninjas and martial artists who usually like to solve problems on their own.

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Play nice, karma is a bitch.

Troll Policy
As Bode Media Inc is striving to create a welcoming and comfortable online community, it does not welcome attack, harassment, or any other “bad behavior” by users. In the event of attack or harassment by a user, especially in the case of users posting comments to sites using fake names or trying to cover up their identity, Bode Media Inc reserves the right to use any information provided by the user including name, e-mail address, IP address or other personally identifying information to stop such harassment. Bode Media Inc feels strongly that people who hide behind fake names are big chickens.

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