At Metblogs, we feel that advertising on the web is too complicated and strive to offer simple solutions to fill the needs of any advertiser. To keep things straight forward we no longer sell main page vs sub page or category specific ads. All ads for sale apply to that size across every page on a specific city or the entire Metblogs network.

We currently have two options available:


For advertisers experienced with web advertising, we have a standard 300×250 rectangle that appears above the fold. This space is sold at CPM.


If you would like to purchase this ad across the whole Metblogs network, our partners at Federated Media or IndieClick will be happy to help you with that. If you would like to lock out this spot for a specific city or two, we can do that for you directly – please drop us a line.

Note: As this is the premier ad on our sites, CPM for this spot currently ranges from $14 to $35 depending on your specific needs.
SUMMER SALE: We are offering a discount on this spot in some cities for a limited time.



For advertisers who would rather focus on a specific city and prefer a flat rate for a specific period of time, we offer a custom 125×125 ad with 2 spots above the fold (premium placement) and 2 spots below (secondary). You can purchase these ads using our self serve platform right from the city you are interested in. Simply select the advertise option, choose the space you want, upload your ad and payment info and you are done! Pricing for this spot is weekly, and usually ranges from $15 to $250 a week, depending on the city.
SUMMER SALE: To introduce this new ad spot, both locations in all cities are 50% off for a limited time.

Note: As these ads are both affordable and sold for set time periods, they do sell out so they may not be available for every city. If a city you are interested in is sold out, please contact us to see about reserving a future week.

We do not sell text, links, or CPA ads.

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