Metblogs Vx.rev2 Live

Ok truth is I just made up that fancy rev number and it means nothing but it sure sounds fancy. Anyway we just rolled out the new CSS tweeks to the entire network and the updates should be live everywhere. Here’s a list of the major changes with this version:

– The page width is reduced and the header graphics are cropped to the right size
– Now using JPG’s instead of transparent PNG headers
– Added rollover to the nav “about authors more”
– Tweaked the search box
– Tweaked the views nav
– Tweaked the comments bubble
– Made the body text bigger and darker
– Tweaked the footer
– Made the blockquote darker
– Site is now centered on larger monitors
– Page weight reduced by over 150k

A lot of these were some of our inital problems with the new design, and many of them were pointed out by readers right away so we’re extremely happy to get this revision live. More coming soon, we promise!

* Posted by ymelrose on April 28th, 2008
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