OMG! The launch was not flawless! HALP!

Hi there. How was your weekend? Good, glad to hear that. Us? Oh thanks, yeah, um, funny you should ask.

Se we launched this new design for the sites and stuff. We’ve been working on it in one form or another for, well, for a long time. It got to the point where we realized that there would always be “one more thing” we needed to do before it was ready to launch, and since we’d already pushed it back months and months we decided to throw caution to the wind and just get it up, and then fix things as they came up. Which they did. A bunch of them. Some we expected, some we didn’t. The short version of this story is as you can see the new sites are up and not everything is running 100% the way we’d like it to, but more of it is working then we expected it to be. We’re aware of the issues, and working pretty nonstop to fix them AFAHP (as fast as humanly possible). If you want the longer story, keep reading.

So yeah, we’re working on it. Let me jump back a moment and point something out real quick. We know that Metblogs is probably the coolest thing you’ve ever seen on the web and this will be really hard to believe, but there’s just 4 of us working on all of this. Just Jason DeFillippo, Richard Ault, Mack Reed and Me. We’ve also got some rockstars over The Groop who are helping out with some of the front end issues, but basically we have no army of coders to attend to every possible issue. So, given that, we’re tackling issues as fast and as throughly as we can, but we probably can’t fix every single thing that comes up in the next 5 minutes. That doesn’t mean we aren’t trying. We are, and our local coffee retailers are really happy about that.

Anyway, here’s a couple of the really major issues that are currently sitting directly on our plates:

OMG! Sites are too wide! – Yep. They totally are. The problem here is that some of the design elements that were supposed to be background images were moved to foreground images in one of our last minute pre-launch tweeks while trying to solve a different issue. Turns out when you’ve been staring at a design 24 hours a day for months you don’t pick up on subtle changes like that, luckily we had a bazillion readers to let us know about the problem. This will be fixed along with the next issue..

OMG! The fonts are too small/light! – Yep. They totally are. We suck. Sorry. But you are right and we need to fix this one right away. Our crack team of specialists over at The Groop who did the amazing design for the new sites are on top of both this and the width issue and should have them both corrected very shortly. In the meantime we bumped the font up 1 point across the board but we’re pretty sure The Groop will get this all in order faster than you can say lickitysplit. OK maybe not that fast, but soon anyway.

OMG! Some old links & images are broken! – Yep. The totally are. You know what is awesome? Lolcats. You know what isn’t awesome? Exporting one of the largest MoveableType installations into WordPressMU. You know what’s even less awesome? Not having a full team of hackers, coders, and bartenders on staff to make the transition seamless. We knew some things would break and we’d be scrambling to fix them, which we are, and which is even less fun than we thought it would be. Point is we know this stuff is broke, it’s not going to stay that way, and it’s the primary thing we’re working on in house here. And by “in house” I do mean actually in our houses. I’m writing this from my bedroom which I haven’t left in about 24 hours. Sweet!

OMG! The site isn’t updating even though my RSS feed shows there are new updates! – This is a weird on that we’re currently blaming on some wacky caching issue. Some people are seeing the sites up to date, some people are seeing the version from yesterday. It’s weird. Anyway, we’re trialing and erroring to find what is causing this and the second we do we’ll fix it. Which should be soon.

That’s not the end of the list by a long shot, but it’s the super majorist things we’re focusing on right this second. It’s also the things people keep telling us thinking we don’t know about yet. With any luck, all of these will be fixed before I hit ‘publish’ on this post. With the luck we actually really end up having it might be a few more days on some of them. We want to thank everyone for all the kind words so far, it’s much appreciated. We also want to thank some people for the not so kind ones. Mostly because they made us laugh a bit which we needed at this point.

So yeah, we’re on it, and thanks for bearing with us a bit longer, things will keep getting better. Cross my heart.

* Posted by ymelrose on March 6th, 2008
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